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Which is why we offer a superior shine every time. That’s why we offer our services to both the interior and exterior windows of your Newcastle property, including showers and in all those hard to reach places.

But we understand that not everyone may share the same passion we do and therefore overlook when it’s time for a professional window cleaner.

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We really understand the importance of getting the job done right. We’re renowned for having a keen eye for detail and take pride in our ability to offer you excellent service and superior results every time. But if for whatever reason you aren’t satisfied, we’ll return the very next day to meet your needs at zero cost because, above all, you are our highest priority, and our job isn’t complete until we’ve met all your expectations. But hey, don’t just take our word for it.

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Time You Got Your Windows Cleaned?

That it might be time to call in the experts at Hughes Exterior and Window Services to come and give your property’s windows that long-awaited sparkle.

Lack of Lighting

This might seem obvious, but it’s something that happens subtly over time until, eventually, you forget about the beautiful natural light that once shone through the windows of your home or office. If you find that you’re opening your windows to allow for more light, or keeping your lights on throughout the day, then it’s likely your windows are due for a clean.

See, windows aren’t designed to block out the light, but rather to protect your property from things like storms and intruders, and to allow for more airflow through the premises. But when they become dirty, they block the natural light causing your property to feel dark, dull, or stale.

If this sounds like your commercial or residential premises, then perhaps it’s time to call in the window cleaning specialists at Hughes Exterior and Window Services.

Stale Air Quality

Many people don’t realise that having dirty windows can actually affect the property’s indoor air quality. Because dirty windows block out the natural light and house a build-up of dirt and dust, they can increase the growth of allergens which can cause skin irritation, respiratory issues, or other allergy-related concerns. Therefore, it’s important to clean your windows regularly and with appropriate chemicals so that they are rid of unwanted germs and residue.

When you receive a window clean from the experienced professionals at HEWS, we can guarantee that not only will your property be cleaned with high-grade solutions but also with chemicals that are environmentally friendly and safe for your home or office.

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Call in the experts at Hughes Exterior and Window Services to come and give your property’s windows that long-awaited sparkle.

Professional Window Cleaning Service

Your windows allow natural light to filter through and give your home a warm look and feel, making your guests welcome and at home in your space. During rainstorms or when it’s windy, the dirt slowly builds up on your windows and makes your home appear gloomy. Hiring a window cleaning company to clean your windows regularly ensures that they’re always clean and free of any contaminants. Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring our window cleaning service.


We spot the problems. Many people don’t spend much time outside inspecting their windows. When you use our window cleaning services, we’ll inform you if any issues with your windows require maintenance, such as cracks or filler coming loose.


Prolong your windows’ lifespan. Clean windows prolong their lifespan as we wash away any environmental contaminants before they become corrosive on the glass. Should these pollutants not be removed, they can weaken the glass, which causes cracks.


It saves you time. With your busy schedule, you may not have the time it requires to clean both the interior and exterior of your home’s windows. When you use our services, we’ll take this task off your to-do list and give you the peace of mind that your windows are clean and contaminant-free.

Home Window Cleaners

When you don’t take your window washing seriously, over time, dirt, dust, and contaminants settle on your windows, leaving a film of dirt and grime, making it harder to see through them. When you don’t have the time to clean your windows regularly, hiring home window cleaners will care for your cleaning needs. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy when you have your windows cleaned by professionals.


Decrease allergic reactions. Allergens such as pollen and dust can settle on your windows, and it may aggravate your allergies or sinus problems. When we clean your windows, we remove all these allergens, and you can breathe easier.


Keep the pests away. Dirty windows are a breeding ground for small insects such as ants and flies. These smaller insects will then attract larger ones, such as spiders, and they’ll make your home theirs. Clean windows prevent pests from breeding near the entrances to your home.


Use of quality products. As professional window cleaners, we have ensured that we use only the highest quality cleaning products available to clean and protect your windows.

Before & After Window Cleaning

Take a look at our gallery of some of our recent work. We are sure you will be impressed!

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Choose The Best Exterior Window Cleaners

Many people opt to use professional window cleaners as opposed to doing it themselves. You may opt for a window cleaning service if you don’t have the time or want to ensure your windows have a thorough cleaning. Whatever your reasons for booking window cleaning near the Central Coast, there are a few questions you need to ask to make sure you hire only the best. Here are some ways you can ensure you choose the correct exterior window cleaners to fulfil your requirements.

  • Ask about their products. When considering various window cleaning companies to hire, it’s essential to ask them what type of cleaning products they use. It can prevent harsh chemicals from being used on your glass which could deteriorate them.
  • Get a quote. We’re all looking to save money where we can, and by getting multiple quotes from cleaning companies, you can compare their services and prices before you decide.
  • Go online. If you’re still unsure of which company to use, read online reviews. These reviews are usually honest and not coerced by the company.

About Hughes Exterior and Window Services

At Hughes Exterior and Window Services, our commitment is to ensure that we provide you with the best possible cleaning services. Our Newcastle window cleaning services are above reproach. We take every precaution available to leave your windows shiny and crystal clear, letting in the sun’s natural light to give your home a warm glow. We’re a family-owned and run business with many years of experience in the window cleaning industry, making us your top choice for all your window cleaning requirements.

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