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Dirt and grime will accumulate on your deck over time. As much as you clean it, nothing quite does the job like a professional deck pressure cleaning. When it comes to exterior or window cleaning in and around your home, we are the team that gets the job done right the first time, every time.

Your deck may not look dirty now, but a professional deck cleaning can only do it good. When accumulated dirt and grime become evident, it is usually already substantial, making it very difficult to remove. Having your deck cleaned regularly will ensure that it lasts longer and looks better for longer.

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Newcastle Deck Washing Services

We are the trusted professionals for pressure washing and window cleaning in Newcastle and surrounding areas. Our customers know that we stand by our word, delivering outstanding quality service every time, even getting those hard-to-reach places that others always miss.


We use specialised professional equipment to achieve the best outcomes for our customers. In addition, in the instances where we use detergents, you can rest assured that they contain no harmful ingredients that may cause damage to the environment. We take environmental responsibility seriously.


Our staff are highly trained in using our machinery and the cleaning of various surfaces, ensuring that we achieve a thorough clean without any damage caused by high-pressure cleaning. We are as careful as we are meticulous, ensuring your exteriors and windows are as clean as they can be.


Whether we are cleaning your windows, inside or out, or pressure cleaning your driveway, deck, garden paths, patio, or workshop, you can rest assured that you will receive a superior service every time. We only accept complete customer satisfaction.

We highly recommend regular concrete cleaning for its visual appeal and ability to lengthen concrete’s life.

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The pandemic has allowed more people to work at home, but that does not mean that people have more time on their hands. As work invades our personal spaces, it also imposes more on our personal time. Why worry about cleaning your deck when you can get professionals to do it for you.


We are passionate about delivering a quality service at a price that is affordable and fair. We go to great lengths to ensure that our prices are highly competitive and that our service is unmatched within the local industry.


We understand that time is in short supply, so we won’t waste yours. We offer a prompt, reliable service to our customers throughout The Central Coast, always ensuring that we keep to the agreed time limit.


Our teams are fully supervised. You can rest assured that there is a highly experienced and knowledgeable supervisor present to ensure that everything goes according to plan on every job.

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We are a family-owned and operated concern with years of industry experience and hundreds of happy customers under our belts.

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