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Within our family-run business, our exterior house cleaning services are always high quality. We deliver exceptional cleaning support to residential properties, including getting into those hard-to-reach areas. High-pressure cleaning helps prevent damage from substances such as mould that may grow on paint surfaces and the accumulation of dirt and algae that may sit on the high parts of your walls.

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Give Your Home A Fresh Look

We know that house washing is an easy task to overlook. It may be far more intuitive to you to clean the interior of your house—for example, during a spring cleaning session. However, exterior house cleaning in the Central Coast is critical to the longevity of the structure and the maintenance of our homes.

Since exposure to harsh elements is so high in this area, it is simple to understand why it’s necessary to clean the exterior of our homes consistently. Natural factors such as the sun, wind, dirt, insects, birds, and rain all contribute to the dirt and grime that can form on the high ends of the walls, which are easy to miss.


Completing maintenance on your home is important to save money, including keeping the exterior in good condition. With high-pressure cleaning, you can keep your exterior spruce and updated. Keeping your maintenance plan consistent also helps your home to feel fresh and look good for longer.


Power-washing saves time over handwashing. You can avoid getting the ladder out of the garage and carrying all the buckets of water and sponges that you’ll need to hand-wash your high walls. Our equipment allows us to save time and effectively clean the exterior of your home without any hassle.


You can restore the way that your home looks overnight. It may take you by surprise just how much of a change a good cleaning can make to your home’s appearance. We sometimes don’t notice that a dust layer is gradually making our homes look a little more dull. With our home cleaning services, you can brighten your home and make it look new.

What Sets Us Apart for Home Pressure Washing?

During our house washing in the Central Coast, we pay close attention to detail. We offer exterior and interior window cleaning along with our exterior home washing to ensure that your home is spotless when we leave your property.


We go a step beyond for our clients to meet all their needs. We get into all the hard-to-reach places and climb the high ladders, and we do it with smiles on our faces, knowing how essential the maintenance of your home is to you.


We provide all our clients with dependable and thorough services with every visit. We offer five-star satisfaction with every service that you choose and guarantee that our team will meet all your cleaning needs. In addition, we guarantee that we will get rid of all grime, dirt, and discolouration on the exterior of your home.


As in retail stores where you can see a product or feel a couch before buying it, we offer no-obligation quotes to all our clients. We understand that you may need a quote to work out your budget for home maintenance before you move forward with us. For this reason, we offer free quotes to all our clients promptly—they have the freedom to give us a call when they’re ready to begin.

Trust The Best In The Business For Your Home

We are committed to providing all our clients with high-quality and consistent services. Our professional team can take the pressure off our clients, performing all the demanding cleaning work for them. We complete extensive pressure washing and window cleaning to make sure that your home is spotless, all backed by decades of industry experience.

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If you’re looking for a pressure washing or window cleaning service in Newcastle, Hunter Region, Port Stephens and the Central Coast, then look no further than the dedicated professionals at hughes exterior and window services.
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